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What Is Included In "Free Setup" For Police Scheduling Software?


When a scheduling software company says "FREE SETUP," what does that really mean?

Do they set up one template for you? All your templates? Do they just import the administrators? Or all your personnel?

We make sure not to skimp out on the setup to ensure a smooth roll out once the system is in your hands. Find out below what PlanIt Police setups include.

How much does scheduling software usually cost?

Our setup technicians will:

1. Import All Personnel

Not just the names, but the title, rank, address, phone number, badge number, hire date, and level of access.

2. Set up Rotating Schedules

We will create all your templates based off of your past schedules and your answers to our questionnaires. We can set it out as short or long as you'd like depending how often you change the schedule.

3. Create Groups, Units, Platoons

There are different functions for each of these groupings. We will set them up initially so that you can see how they work and understand the differences based on your hands-on experience.

4. Set up Pay Periods for Payroll

Is yours one week, two weeks, 28 days, one month?

5. Import Your Logo

Your department's logo will be displayed on your login page and at the top left-hand corner of your install at all times.

6. Create Custom Time Off Classifications

Sick time, personal, vacation, or anything else you allow for time off.

7. Set up Minimum Staffing

Maybe you need 3 officers on patrol 7 days a week from 0700-1900.

8. Set up Overtime Forms and Classifications

Was it overtime for staying late to do paperwork? Work for an outside vendor? Grant work? Check out here how our overtime forms work.


Our setup techs work very hard to ensure they input the correct information so that your system is accurate and you have a smooth roll out. Once it is set up, we will train you on your system so you can also adjust any of the settings at any time.

How long does this process take? Check out our onboarding process here or by clicking the button below!

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PlanIt Police scheduling software is extremely powerful yet easy-to-use. It is meant to simplify scheduling and enhance communication for law enforcement agencies. PlanIt was developed by Ragnasoft, Inc who have specialized in public safety scheduling solutions for over 10 years.

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