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PlanIt Police Blog

How to Implement a New System in Your Department: 5 Phases

Implementing any new software in your department will be an adjustment. It is something you must prepare for in a couple different ways. So, what is the best way to roll it out? How can you avoid

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Manage Vehicle, Certification, and Equipment Tracking All in One Tool

How do you keep track of everything in your department?

Excel sheets?

PDF forms?

Folders? Subfolders?

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Best Law Enforcement Expos for Technology in 2018

Technology is forever growing and changing. How can you keep up with it? How can you be most effective in your day-to-day?

Conferences and exhibits for law enforcement are a great opportunity for

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What to Avoid When Implementing Law Enforcement Scheduling Software

There are certain things you need to do to ensure a smooth transition into your new scheduling software.

Most issues that we have seen, arise because of poor or lack of communication.

It may just

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5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Law Enforcement Conferences

Wahoo! You're off to another conference for work.

Okay maybe you're not quite that excited but hey, it’s a day or so out of the office!

So, what can you expect?

And how can you make the most of

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Police Training Software Now Included in Scheduling Software?

How do you keep your officers up to date on their training?

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Direct Instruction: How to Train Officers About New Software

 Training officers how to use the new software in your department can be overwhelming. 

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How to Become a Pro in no Time With PlanIt Police Training

Choosing a scheduling software is extremely important. It will affect the day-to-day processes that make your organization run. PlanIt is designed to make your department run like a well-oiled

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PlanIt Police scheduling software is extremely powerful yet easy-to-use. It is meant to simplify scheduling and enhance communication for law enforcement agencies. PlanIt was developed by Ragnasoft, Inc who have specialized in public safety scheduling solutions for over 10 years.

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