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How to Fairly Manage and Distribute Overtime Hours

Is there a fair way to allocate overtime? So many factors come into play like hours worked, seniority, and union rules. So what is really fair and how do you manage it?

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Personnel Shift Schedule Examples for Law Enforcement Agencies

As the end of the year approaches, we find a lot of departments scrambling to create next year's schedule. Tools in scheduling software, like PlanIt Schedule, help to make that process easier.

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Funding Options for Police Departments - Grants & Fundraising

Funding your departments is not always easy. Whether your area just does not have a big enough budget, or there is a lot of new technology that you want to get, it can be difficult. The good news

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Nixle & Nextdoor - Changing Public Safety Involvement in the Community

Have you ever wanted to send out emergency warnings or notifications to your whole community? Have you ever wanted to talk to neighbors without going to their house? Nixle and Nextdoor are two of

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Manage Vehicle, Certification, and Equipment Tracking All in One Tool

How do you keep track of everything in your department?

Excel sheets?

PDF forms?

Folders? Subfolders?

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Negatives of 12-Hour Shift Schedules and How to Best Manage Them

Many people argue that 12-hour shift schedules in a 24-hour agency are the most effective and provide the best outcome for managers and employees alike.

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3 Tips to Help You Overcome Fear of Change in Your Department

When it comes time to make big, departmental changes, do you get nervous? Hesitant? Or wonder if you’re making the right decision?

Well here’s some good news, you’re definitely not alone.

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7 Different 12 Hour Shift Schedule Examples to Cover Round the Clock

12-hour shifts are pretty common in 24-hour agencies. We found that approximately 41% of law enforcement departments that use PlanIt, schedule with 12-hour shifts. 

While they do seem to make

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6 Tools That Make 24x7 Police Scheduling Easier

Creating, posting, and maintaining schedules to cover round the clock is not a simple task.

It can become very time consuming and, if not done properly, create a lot of issues.

One huge issue we

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6 of the Best 8-Hour Shift Schedules to Cover 24x7

Law enforcement schedules can be a headache to create and maintain. 

Do you use 12, 10, or 8-hour shifts? There are pros and cons to each but this article will provide some insight for those

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