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What Shift Length Will Increase Your Officers Quality of Work Life?

Research has proven that shift length has an effect on an officer's performance. But what is the perfect length? Having short shifts makes it difficult to make sure you have 24x7 coverage. While

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Common Shift Times for Day, Mid, and Night - 8, 10, and 12 hour

Let's say you're looking at switching your personnel shift lengths and rotations. But there are so many details to figure out.

Where do you start?

Well, once you have shift length decided, the

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4 Reliable Cloud Computing Services You Want to Know About

The days of your hard-drive breaking down are over. Cloud computing has taken over as the leading way to store data securely. It is a relatively new concept but can be broken down into 3

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3 Most Popular Schedule Examples for a 35 Person Department

Different sized departments require different scheduling rotations. If you have about 35-50 officers in your patrol division, and are struggling with schedules, these examples might be worth a try.

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Survey Results: Does the # of Personnel Effect Scheduling Tools Used?

Have you ever wondered what other departments of your size are using to handle their scheduling needs? PlanIt Schedule recently released a survey that revealed correlations between the size of

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What is a Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock and How Much Does it Cost?

Fingerprint scanners always intrigued me. I thought they were so technologically advanced. What you see in the futuristic movies.

But they're actually pretty simple. And cost effective.


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The Key to Choosing New Police Software Without Getting Ripped Off

Getting stuck in the wrong software contract is like catching the wrong train.

You get it and you're excited. But then you realize you got the wrong one. And you're stuck.

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Excel vs. Generic Scheduling Software vs. Police Scheduling Software

With round the clock personnel, organized scheduling is critical for success in any public safety department. So how do you do it?

What is the best option?

What even are the options?

How do they

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Best Law Enforcement Scheduling Software Companies: 5 to Review

Hundreds of public safety departments contact us each year about scheduling software solutions (because that is what we specialize in). Talking to these professionals in the industry, we learn a

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What Is Included In Free Setup For Police Scheduling Software?

When a scheduling software company says "FREE SETUP," what does that really mean?

Do they set up one schedule template for you? All your templates? Do they just import the administrators? Or all

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