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PlanIt Police Blog

Top Expos For Law Enforcement Technology In 2017

Time and money... what's worth it? Well, I can assure you that these top 3 will be. 

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What Is Included In Free Setup For Police Scheduling Software?

When a scheduling software company says "FREE SETUP," what does that really mean?

Do they set up one schedule template for you? All your templates? Do they just import the administrators? Or all

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How Long Will It Take To Implement PlanIt Police Scheduling Software?

Need scheduling software but don't have time to set it all up? That is why our set up techs will do the work for you; in less than 3 weeks! After completing the agreement, our setup team will

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What's Going on This Year For National Police Week?

March 2017 | National Police Week

National Police Week is an event held each year to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. In 1962 President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation which designated May 15th as Peace

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How to Easily Manage And Reduce Overtime in Your Department

It's inevitable, you already know you need to budget in overtime.

And a lot of it (unfortunately). 

So how can you easily manage it?

With electronic overtime forms.

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Biggest Differences Between Police And EMS Scheduling Software

There are a few differences in the way emergency medical services schedule and the way law enforcement agencies schedule.

They are different organizations.

With different day-to-day operations.


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How to Find the Right Online Scheduling Software When You Have no Time

You're a captain, a lieutenant, a sergeant. You have so many tasks already assigned to you. You manage training, staffing, financial matters, reports, investigations, and other administrative

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How to Smoothly Transition to New Software in Your Police Department

February 2017 | Police Scheduling Software

Excited for your new software but nervous some officers will be hesitant to get onboard? Not to worry. There are some simple things you can do to ensure a smooth roll out for everyone. 

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How Much Does Payroll Really Cost Your Department?

February 2017 | PlanIt Features, Payroll, Features

It is common to find agencies calculating all their hours for payroll by hand using excel and paper forms. Processing payroll yourself may seem low cost but it is time-consuming and you're more

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How to Enhance Communication With Email Text & Call Notifications

Email, text, and phone notifications are great tools for administrators in online scheduling software. They allow you to communicate with your personnel in mass quantities. 

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