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3 Most Common Patrol Schedules for a 100+ Person Police Department

Looking for different ways to schedule patrol in your department? After analyzing almost 200 law enforcement personnel schedules we found 3 that were most commonly used in 100+ person departments.

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Patrol Schedule Example For a 50 Person Police Department: 4 on 4 off

Many times departments that staff around 50-75 people need different schedules than those staffing, say, 200-400 people.

Or different than those staffing 10-20 people.

So here we will discuss one:

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Veterans Day Interview: A Look Into the Life of a Former Marine

November 2017 | Law Enforcement, Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a time to honor those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

As you know, our freedom does not come free. 

Hundreds of thousands of Americans sacrifice their lives so that we

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10 Hour Shift Schedule Example to Evaluate Before Your Next Shift Bid

Looking for a better way to schedule your 50-75 person police department? Maybe this is the article for you.

Maybe it's not.

But throughout our blog, we have many different 8, 10, and 12 hour

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3 Types of 10 Hour Shift Schedules to Cover Round the Clock

Thinking about switching to a 10 hour shift schedule? Or maybe you're just curious how other departments schedule with 10 hour shifts. 

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Top 3 Schedule Examples for 24x7 Coverage with 8 Hour Shifts

Exploring new ways to schedule patrol? You've come to the right place. We specialize in public safety scheduling software so we know a thing or two about 24x7 coverage.

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Idaho Schedule: 12 Hour Shifts for 24x7 Coverage

Looking over all of the schedules that we have converted to templates over the years, we notice that the most popular in 12 hour shifts, and overall, was the Pitman Schedule.

However, the second

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Direct Instruction: How to Train Officers About New Software

 Training officers how to use the new software in your department can be overwhelming. 

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The Key to Choosing New Police Software Without Getting Ripped Off

Getting stuck in the wrong software contract is like catching the wrong train.

You get it and you're excited. But then you realize you got the wrong one. And you're stuck.

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10 National Night Out Activities Everyone Will Participate In

Another year for National Night Out and you're wondering how your department can spice things up?

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