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What I’ve Learned From Working With Law Enforcement

May 2017 | Law Enforcement

Professionals working in the public safety industry are different. It’s a fact. Many industries’ main focus is the bottom line. Numbers. Money. You get the idea. And though there is nothing wrong

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5 Free Officer Scheduling Options for Your Department

As the saying goes, "no free lunch." Turns out, there are not many options when it comes to completely free scheduling systems.

I began researching free software, thinking I would find dozens of

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Excel vs. Generic Scheduling Software vs. Police Scheduling Software

With round the clock personnel, organized scheduling is critical for success in any public safety department. So how do you do it?

What is the best option?

What even are the options?

How do they

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Best Law Enforcement Scheduling Software Companies: 5 to Review

Hundreds of public safety departments contact us each year about scheduling software solutions. Talking to these professionals in the industry, we learn a lot about different contract rules,

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How Do Scheduling Templates Work? What are they?

Have you heard the term scheduling templates and wondered what it was? Before transitioning to scheduling software, it is common to have not heard of the term "templates." So we want to take some

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Law Enforcement Technology Every Dept. Needs – Equipment and Software

The Chief of Police wants to improve the overall presence of technology in your department. Maybe you already have all these things implemented. Maybe not.

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5 Excel Alternatives for Scheduling in Police Departments

Looking for an excel alternative to help you stay organized when it comes to personnel scheduling? The good news is, there are a lot of them. They function very similarly to excel so the format

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What You Should Know About The PlanIt Police Setup Process

As you search for the right scheduling software for your department, the setup process is sure to make your list of questions.

How much work will this take to set up on my end?

How much will I

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How to Tell if You're Looking at a User-Friendly Scheduling System

What is the purpose of computer software? To make things easier and more efficient... right?

It's upsetting how many systems have fallen behind on user friendliness; an essential part of effective

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Top 5 Police Scheduling Software Problems and Solutions

No scheduling software will be perfect. But there are some things to be prepared for and try to avoid. Being in the industry for over 10 years, we have found a few common problems that naturally

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